Another hot and sunny day. Here is a pic of a woman riding at the agricultural show near Sliven. She could run and jump on the horse while it was galloping round the ring and also slide off the other side. They sort of just jump on and over which using the stirups. No English riding gear either. I always believed Riding woman the English style riding hats were an international horse thing. My ambition of learning to ride might take longer than I thought.


Friends have gone

May 23, 2007

One of the remote houses we foundOur friends, Robert and Meg,, have gone back to England after researching and buying Bulgarian crafts for a new shop they’re planning in Exeter. Hooray! They loved it here. They want us to find them a small, remote farm. We saw some places over the weekend. The European elections took place in Bulgaria on Sunday. Bars are not allowed to sell alcohol. Saw lots of posters in the villages for the ‘Attak’ party. These bizarrely feature a photo of the Eifel Tower with a mosque at the top.

myslo-village-dance-002.jpgWe went to the next village where there was a lot of dancing, live band and singers. Chalga music of course.

Village life

May 16, 2007

honey-gog-038.jpgThis is a picture of Stoyan riding past my house yesterday evening. He is 12 and was working collecting wood from the nearby forest. I was hoping he would help me with the pesky Bulgarian alphabet, but sadly he doesn’t know it. So a good example of why my neighbour thinks dogs should come second.

Stefan found a starving dog by the roadside. He suspects she may be one of the 5 puppies we gave away (we have kept 3). She is so thin but very beautiful. We’re bringing her back to life. Our neighbour says there are plenty of people who need rescuing. Honey dog needs loving home

I have been living in Bulgaria for about 2 months now. My husband, Stefan, is Bulgarian & I have given up my urban London life to join him in Kipilovo; a mountain village near Sliven. I thought life would be a slower pace but it has taken me 2 months to find time to start this blog! I imagined an idyll of writing clever travel pieces but there always seems to be something happening or someone to visit or someone visiting. I  am struggling with the Cyrillic alphabet and the language.  We’ve got loads of old houses we’re renovating and selling as well as looking after 4 American Staffordshire terriers. I have guests from England at the moment too – they bought some beautiful old woollen carpets from Kipilovo and I took them to the carpet washing place.  It is outdoors, with a huge ‘jacuzzi’ type basin with a natural fountain running into from the mountain. The carpets are then hung outside to dry on wooden tree trunks suspended like a clothes line.  It is very hot and sunny, but Bulgarians, of course, would like to see some rain.
I am writing this blog for anyone interested in Bulgaria and thinking of coming out here as well as hopefully making my friends laugh at my new life.