Hot and sunny in Sliven, Bulgaria

May 14, 2007

I have been living in Bulgaria for about 2 months now. My husband, Stefan, is Bulgarian & I have given up my urban London life to join him in Kipilovo; a mountain village near Sliven. I thought life would be a slower pace but it has taken me 2 months to find time to start this blog! I imagined an idyll of writing clever travel pieces but there always seems to be something happening or someone to visit or someone visiting. I  am struggling with the Cyrillic alphabet and the language.  We’ve got loads of old houses we’re renovating and selling as well as looking after 4 American Staffordshire terriers. I have guests from England at the moment too – they bought some beautiful old woollen carpets from Kipilovo and I took them to the carpet washing place.  It is outdoors, with a huge ‘jacuzzi’ type basin with a natural fountain running into from the mountain. The carpets are then hung outside to dry on wooden tree trunks suspended like a clothes line.  It is very hot and sunny, but Bulgarians, of course, would like to see some rain.
I am writing this blog for anyone interested in Bulgaria and thinking of coming out here as well as hopefully making my friends laugh at my new life.

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