Agricultural Show in Sliven

May 26, 2007

Another hot and sunny day. Here is a pic of a woman riding at the agricultural show near Sliven. She could run and jump on the horse while it was galloping round the ring and also slide off the other side. They sort of just jump on and over which using the stirups. No English riding gear either. I always believed Riding woman the English style riding hats were an international horse thing. My ambition of learning to ride might take longer than I thought.

One Response to “Agricultural Show in Sliven”

  1. Radka Simeonova Says:

    Dear Kris,

    It’s me – Radka – from the caffeteria “SIMONE” in Sliven. I like your blog very much. Now I will start to learn english. I hope I will learn talking in english very soon, because I want to talk to you without any difficulties.
    My son helped me to write this short message, but if he isn’t in Bulgaria I need to be sure I can do it on my own.

    See you soon. We miss you.

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