Jan Bowman

July 2, 2007


I was just thinking of leaving the air con of the Sliven wifi cafe to make my way home to the mountains when I revisited my friend’s website www.janbowman.com.  She is a genius. I just had to share it with you. Why don’t Birmingham just give her loads of money to complete her book on the city? See above Ladypool Road Ice Cream in Birmingham.  Wish I had her talent. Damn.

2 Responses to “Jan Bowman”

  1. Meg Says:

    Thanks for the email with double directions on how to check out this blog – I’m completely au fait with technology myself you understand (!) but my ISP occasionally has other ideas.

    So – now I’ve found the famous tho’ elusive Bul-blogger from the world of film – (they seek her here, they seek her there, they miss her badly back in Soho Square….) Pimpernel stylee.
    Today’s link to Jan Bowman’s work was fantastic. She really does have lovely loose, happy way to make places and people come alive with colour and light. Lucky lady eh…ah well back to snapping crayons for me!
    Ciao Bella

  2. janbow Says:

    What a jolly blog, Bulgaria looks idyllic, even with fires. Yes how inspiring to see people getting on and coping and being heroic, left to themselves.

    Like all these wee fascinating snippets K. Keep it up.
    (Like the photos too)

    You’re too kind re my work but in case anyone else cares, my drawing is on cover of BBC Music magazine this month… please check it out!

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