What is this tree?

July 2, 2007


These trees are everywhere & everyone is cutting the flowers to make tea (or ‘cha’ as they call it). It is like the triffids film as the whole village cuts them down and then sits and picks the flowers and leaves. I have no idea what it is, but the heavenly scent fills the air and the tea is delicious. Anyone know what it is?

It is hot and sunny so very strange to think of England with floods and rain.

One Response to “What is this tree?”

  1. Ralitsa Says:

    I saw you had a question about the tea – in bulgarian it’s called “lippa” (that would be the pronaunciation and by the way we call the tea “chai” not “cha”) In the dictionary in english it says this tree is “lime(-tree)” or “linden(-tree)” and I think the botanical name is “Tilia”. I guess it would be easyer fo find it in other countries by the botanical name.
    Hope that helps 🙂

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