French Interests

July 13, 2007

As soon as I wrote that the Bulgarian nurses and doctor must be very alone, they were visited by Madame Cecila Sarkozy, the French President’s wife. She also had ‘talks’ with Colonel Gadafy. Mme. Sarkozy has read up on Jackie Onassis in preparation for her new (unelected) role so I am sure the Bulgarian government can now relax.

One Response to “French Interests”

  1. Eddy Says:

    At least it’s a start … she’s got more style and more energy than that poor old Chirac bag!!
    Let’s give her (and them) the chance!
    There’s a say in French: “only the ones who do nothing risk nothing” …
    Is there any Bulgarian president (or wife) doing anything, covered or not by the media?
    I hope that shall help them any way

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