Unusual things

July 13, 2007


As I’m so drenched in town culture I am always surprised to see things I have only seen in cartoons or read about. So the sight of storks everywhere makes me squeal with delight. I have also seen woodpeckers and the funny holes in trees they make for their nests.

2 Responses to “Unusual things”

  1. Meg Says:

    Krysia – seeing your blog entry from 13th – “Unusual Things” I realised that I too have an unusual thing to report from Bulgaria. Not quite so romantic as the storks’ nest….. maybe more comic, possibly just seaside vulgar!

    I was decorating today (all day) with my husband Robert and all day
    (Boy. it was boring!… did I mention that it took all day?) I would be standing on a kitchen stool or brushing up plaster with a dustpan and brush…and whenever most prone would be subjected to the dreaded “wedgie” of Bill and Ted fame. I’m sure I need not embellish.
    However following a change of dress at lunch hour I can report that Bulgarian knickers are made of sterner stuff than the UK equivalent and both “wedgies” and other annoying tricks are foiled by their firm elastic resistance.
    What does this say about the relative state of morality in our two cultures, I wonder.

  2. Meg Says:

    unusual things

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