Bulgaria in Exeter, Devon

August 20, 2007


Here is the lovely Meg at her first market selling beautiful pottery, textiles and food from Bulgaria. She will be back again at the Slow Food Market in Exeter on Saturday, 16th September.


Freedom to Fly

August 18, 2007

The UK’s Heathrow Airport  could be forced to a standstill tomorrow afternoon by climate change campaigners.

I think we need to stop these people telling us what to do and I urge you to join the The Manifesto Club’s new campaign: Celebrate the Freedom of Flight: Send in your accounts of the benefits of flight – a trip that changed your life, a visit to long-unseen friends or family overseas, your plans for a summer in the sun; or your thoughts on the freedom and ease that flight does, and could, bring. Email these to info@manifestoclub.com.


August 9, 2007


Thought it was time to introduce you to Aziz. He is a chalga star and was recently on Bulgaria’s Big Brother. He is fascinating and has amazing ‘pop videos’. This magazine cover is on the newstands.

Chalga (Чалга) is a form of Bulgarian music drawing from Balkan folk traditions and incorporating a blend of Arabic, Greek, Turkish and Roma (Gypsy) influences, as well as motifs from Balkan traditional music, flamenco and klezmer music. It is known for repeating musical themes and dance rhythms. Many chalga hits were Greek or Turkish hits, covered by Bulgarian singers, often in more complex musical arrangements.

Saint Elijah’s Day

August 7, 2007


This took place on 20th July (they called it St.Ilinden) and seems to involve feeding the ‘poor’ of the village. Quite a lot of people then!  Stefan  witnessed the killing of the sheep inside the church and they had candles place on their horns. He was taken aback by this as had no idea what to expect. I met someone who had been tortured by the communists and labelled a ‘hooligan’. He was caught listening to The Beatles.

dsc04315.jpg   Women spent all day preparing the lamb and then people lined up with jars and seemed pleased.

Market in Sliven

August 7, 2007


Spotted this chap in the market in Sliven but not sure if he was selling for if he was for sale. The market is full of local produce that is growing at the moment so it is abundant with tomatoes, peppers, okras, aubergines and blackberries.