September 19, 2007

I have just returned from a visit to Austria to a village called Aigen near Linz. I was helping my dear friend and former boss, Nicholas Treadwell, celebrate his 70th birthday and also launch his pink prison which will house his vast art superhumanism art collection.

Austria was beautiful, warm and friendly. I made instant friends with a wonderful woman called Shuna who was also drafted in by Nick. We worked well together and I will miss her laughter. The village have made Nicholas so welcome. I didn’t post anything on the blog as couldn’t work out how to put pictures up using Nick’s old computer. I will put some up when I get back to my laptop. I also feel that Facebook seems to be taking over as a way of communicating. I spent the day in Sofia which was hotter and sunnier than Austria and I enjoyed it there for the first time. I met up with Vagabond’s publisher – please comment on the article I wrote if you haven’t already!


Vagabond article

September 8, 2007


Here is my article in the latest edition of Vagabond magazine – hope you like it.