Head for the slopes

November 23, 2008

The snow has started to fall.

Benji Lanyado has written a good article in The Guardian on Saturday : ‘Where the pound is still sound’.

With sterling collapsing, he asks if anywhere is still affordable. Bulgaria remains the cheapest destination in Europe according to the most recent Post Office holiday costs barmometer survey. Benji recommends Bulgaria for ski slope bargains and I can well believe it.

You can ski at a slope near Sliven (the town next to us) but we’re in the mountains so plenty of opportunity to ski everywhere here.

We went skiing near Pamporovo a few years ago for New Year with a large group of 15 people (including children) and I really loved it. We stayed in a cosy family run hotel in Chepelare. I had a lovely English-speaking teacher and I managed to ski. I wasn’t looking forward to it and was hoping to slope off to the little bistros for hot wine.

Benji’s article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/money/2008/nov/22/foreign-currency-consumer-affairs-travel


2 Responses to “Head for the slopes”

  1. AshD Says:

    I am Armenian. I just moved from New York to Miami. Reading your blog reminds me of home, with the Bulgarian / Armenian Community. It makes me sad when I miss my family, but brings me back to good times of laughter.

    Love it! Keep Blogging =)

    • krysia Says:

      Thanks for this & the encouragement – I have abandoned it because I came back to the UK. I’m about to start it again… so please look out for it!
      Kind regards

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