Stunning in Sozopol

October 31, 2008

Stef is working in Sozopol on this amazing, beautiful sea view house that was designed by our close friend, Anna Nevrocopska, who is a truly talented architect. The weather is mild aparently. Wish I was there as he has taken Nip, one of our dogs, with him and they’ve been going to the beach for autumnal walks.



October 13, 2008

 We went mushroom picking just a short sprint to the hillsides by our house. Usually we never meet anyone except for shepherds so I was surprised to see many figures bent over searching the ground with their baskets. It became quite competitive, but friendly. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. We exchanged recipes for what to do with them. I can remember my Polish grandmother’s pickled mushrooms and I loved them (my cousin recalls them as slimy eels). I wish I had paid more attention to her talents now.

New website

October 10, 2008

We’ve launched our new site

We think it reflects more what we’re about. We can still point people in the right direction if they want coast or city places, but our heart is in the rolling hills around Sliven, Kotel and Elena.

Even if you are scared by the credit crunch you can always just escape for a visit.


September 27, 2008

Thought you might like to see the results of the pickling. Here is Stefan and his auntie who spent hours doing all this.

‘Couldn’t we just buy some from a shop? I said.

We went walking with the dogs and picked loads of mushrooms. Usually we never see anyone on our walks apart from the shepherds. Today, they were several people looking for the best mushroom spots. Now what are we going to do with all these mushrooms?

rush hour in Kipilovo

September 25, 2008

September jobs

September 25, 2008

Bulgarians (well, those in the countryside) are always madly busy doing things that I can’t keep up with. They’re pickling peppers and bags of vegetables for the winter, the walnuts are being picked from the trees and wood is being sawed into neat sizes for the wood-burning stoves, grapes are being gathered to make rakiya and wine. It is very funny to watch as it is almost a collective action. I feel I should be doing the same. Stefan is now buying peppers from the market so he can pickle them – I ask if we have enough jars? enough lids?

What a slacker

July 17, 2008

This was the only living thing I met on the way

This was the only living thing I met on the way

I didn’t keep up with the blog. What a sin. I can blame the fact I didn’t have internet access. So here is the relaunch.

Here is a picture from my walk this morning.